Artful Dodger

Artful Dodger
Synonyms and related words:
Casanova, Don Juan, Machiavel, Machiavelli, Machiavellian, Philadelphia lawyer, Yankee horse trader, actor, bamboozler, befuddler, beguiler, charmer, counterfeiter, crafty rascal, deceiver, deluder, dissembler, dissimulator, dodger, double-dealer, duper, enchanter, entrancer, faker, fooler, forger, fox, gay deceiver, glib tongue, hoaxer, horse trader, hypnotizer, jilt, jilter, joker, jokester, kidder, leg-puller, mesmerizer, misleader, plagiarist, plagiarizer, playactor, practical joker, ragger, reynard, role-player, seducer, shyster, slick citizen, sly dog, slyboots, spoofer, sweet talker, swindler, tease, teaser, trickster

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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